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Auffin is an independent entertainment media organization dedicated to delivering industry news, from the latest celebrity and entertainment headlines to pop culture, fashion, and Hollywood insights. 

We eat, sleep and breathe entertainment, delivering exclusives and some of the biggest breaking news stories. 

More than 40 editorial staff members hustle hard to keep our platform up-to-date with fresh content that our audience truly cares about. As a team, we aim to evolve and work towards our passion to bring insightful news reports from the deepest parts of the entertainment industry. We believe that our journey has just started and we are capable of much more, with an aim toward bettering reporting at an international level. 

We cover all of the latest news within the shortest possible period while ensuring that we add new information to make the content unique for the reader.

In the months and years to come, Auffin is aiming to cater to bigger audiences, more widespread news, and an overall product everyone has access to. Worldwide, we want to bring the news to you.

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