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Bill Skarsgard Really Did Go Full Pennywise on Bill Hader



While many viewers agree that Pennywise isn’t as scary in It Chapter Two as he was in the first movie, that certainly wasn’t the fault of the actor who plays him, Bill Skarsgard.

Skarsgard still goes all out, stretching his face in freaky ways and committing to the clown’s voice. And according to Bill Hader, who plays grown-up Richie, Skarsgard was even scary on set.

In a now viral meme, candid photos appear to show Bill Hader palling around on set with Bill Skarsgard in full Pennywise regalia. Then, so the story goes, Skarsgard moved his eyes in two different directions, freaking gentle, sweet Hader out and making him run away. The meme is based on a true story Hader told on Conan.

Even Hader’s seemingly joyful expression as he runs away from Skarsgard can be explained. The Saturday Night Live alum told Conan that it was difficult for him to act in horror movies because he smiles when he’s scared.

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