How Do I Service A Final Drive?



The performance of your final drive motor is crucial for the success of a construction or agriculture project. It goes without saying that when you take care of your things – yes, even a final drive – they last longer and perform better.

Properly maintaining your final drive will not only extend its lifespan but also save you money by preventing the need for costly repairs down the line. With that said, here are three most important steps you need to take to ensure your final drive motor lasts a lifetime.

Check Daily For Leaks

We always recommend operators to do a walk-around the machine at the end of the day, just to check for leaks. There are two types of leaks that you need to worry about: a gear oil leak and a hydraulic leak.

You can check for a gear oil leak by dripping onto the tracks in a tracked machine or checking for oil behind the sprocket. If you see a leak, it most likely means that the floating face seal or mechanical face seal has become damaged and needs to be repaired immediately.

A hydraulic leak happens when the hydraulic portion of your final drive becomes damaged or a hose gets cracked. If the hose is not the problem, it could be a clogged case drain filter.

Whichever type of leak it is, you should make sure it is addressed swiftly – before it becomes a bigger problem and leads to complete drive failure.

Check the Gear Oil Levels Regularly

It is recommended that you should check your final drive’s gear oil levels once every 100 hours of operation. This is easy to do: you’ll notice 2 or 3 plugs at the cover plate of your travel motor or final drive. Arrange the motor in such a way that one plug is at the 3 o’clock position and the other one is at the 12 o’clock position. Then remove any mud, dirt, debris, soil, and sand from around the plugs; you don’t want to contaminate your gear oil by leaving the dirt just as it is. That’s not wise at all and not right to the machine you depend on.

Remove all the plugs and loosen them up with a hammer (if necessary). If the gear oil level needs topping off, add extra oil through the 12 o’clock opening plug until it starts to set at the 3 o’clock position. When the final drive has sufficient amount of gear oil, it will be level with the 3 o’clock opening. Once you are done, replace all the plugs.

Chang Out the Gear Oil Once A Year

The gear oil in your final drive should be changed at least once every year. You should do this when the oil is warm as it will be much easier for it to seep out. And just like with the previous step, don’t forget to replace the plugs once you have changed the oil. If you don’t change out the gear oil once per year, it can lead to deterioration in the oil levels, compromising the performance of the final drive.

Looking For A Replacement Final Drive? We Can Help!

It doesn’t matter what machine you are using – a mini excavator, a compact track loader, or some other heavy equipment, these steps will improve the performance and lifespan of your final drive motor. Call Precision Final Drives at 888-511-6332 or visit our store to get the right travel motor for your machine.

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